Sebastian Albert (1/11)

The future is calling.

The future is calling.
Listen to Sebastian Albert's call to find out what's next in heating. The Director of Products and Services at Vaillant Germany tries to understand the complexity of many professions, thereby improving heating for everyone.
What's good design? Hagen Fendler loves to create a shared vision for Vaillant's design DNA. Listen to what the Head of Group Design has to say about the path ahead.
Trust and quality, that has been built for 150 years. Stefan Hüttemeister talks about the human touch that makes Vaillant special. What else does the Group Director of Marketing have to say about the development of the brand? Let's find out.
The future is digital – Dr. Michael Grigutsch explains how the use of software in production is becoming increasingly important. See what the Head of Industrial Engineering at Vaillant has to say about industry 4.0.
Don't give up - it never works on the first try. At least that is one of Sebastian Fleischmann's most important insights. As a Data Scientist at Vaillant, the digital world is his second home. Find out how AI could influence the future of heating.
No heat pump can get past her just like that - Jenny Brandau ensures that our heat pumps are getting better and better. How does the Engineer for Sustainable Heat Pumps at Vaillant do it? Watch the video to get her perspective.
There are a lot of myths and rumours going on about heat pumps. Katy Rüdiger works as an Innovation Engineer at Vaillant, let's find out what she has to share.
Gorka Barañano loves pushing new ideas. He is responsible for Marketing and Business Development at Vaillant Spain. Find out what sets Vaillant apart and where it is on a par with Apple.
Meet Mike Lacey, Head of Digital Technologies at Vaillant in the UK: talking about connectivity, he also references his family connection to Vaillant. See for yourself how working for a family owned company is a true family affair in the Lacey household.
Dr. Rainer Lang's mind is always looking to the next step - no matter how big or small it may be. The Director of Group Research & Development for Heat Pump Technology is really proud of the development of heat pumps with the natural refrigerant R290. Listen to why he is even more excited about the future of heat pumps.
Dr. Imme Baumüller sees herself as a translator. The Director of the Data Unit and her team gain new insights for the Vaillant Group every day. Find out more about her thoughts on the importance, and the magic of big data.